Poems for a fighting spirit
Poems for a fighting spirit - IT-konsult Jönköping

Poems for a fighting spirit

Love is the glue

Love is the glue that holds us together,
It’s the light that guides us through dark weather.

It’s the warmth that fills our hearts with glee,
It’s the laughter that sets our souls free.

Love is the bond that binds us as one,
It’s the strength that lets us overcome.

It’s the comfort that eases our pain,
It’s the hope that keeps us sane.

Love is the reason we keep going,
It’s the reason our spirits keep glowing.

It’s the reason we can find joy,
It’s the reason we can enjoy.

So cherish the love you have in your life,
For it’s the most precious thing of all strife.

Hold it close and never let it go,
For without it, our lives would be oh so cold.

For love is the most important thing, It’s the reason our hearts can sing.

Stand together

We’re all in this together, in this world we call home.
We must take care of each other, and never be alone

With love and compassion, we can make a difference.
By lifting each other up, and offering assistance.

We can share our talents and lend a helping hand.
To those who need it most in this great land.

So let us all unite and stand as one,
to take care of each other till the work is done.

We are lions

We are the ones who must stand tall,
And fight for our freedom, one and all.

We will not be silenced or pushed aside,
Our voices will be heard far and wide.

We will march on, with our heads held high,
Acting like the free birds in the sky

For our freedom is worth more than gold,
And we will not be bought or sold.

So let us join hands and stand as one,
And fight for our freedom, till the battle is won.

For we are the lions who will roar
And we are the ones to change the world.

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